I have been in the design industry since 2005 and I love what I do because it allows me to mix my love for art with my career. I started as a graphic designer with a very successful small firm and worked my way up to Studio Head before starting Rubio.

As a business woman, time freedom and financial security have always been as critical as success, and although ambition works its way into every decision, I know that a well rounded person is more fun to be around than an über successful one!


Hi, my name is Craig and I am the fantastic graphic designer at Rubio. I am a bit of a dork: I enjoy creeping up on cats and spying on the neighbours' dog while I wear my flippers and snorkel. Sometimes I take a toilet roll tube and make it into an elephant trunk to speak to my mom so it echos.

I enjoy drawing eyes on trees so it looks like they are watching you. I am a man of few words.

I once saw a bird.


I am the copywriter and social media manager at Rubio - and NO, copywriter does not mean that little c in a circle at the bottom of a page!

I am a wife. I am a mom to a VERY busy 3-year-old. I love quirky books, movies, tea (by the bucket load) and evenings that involve lots of sushi. I also love to try anything that involves jumping off or out of things.

I believe that one must talk in proper english, and not this sms crap that the youngsters refer to! Just kids, I'm totes k with that lingo for realsies. YOLO.


My name is Megan (yes there's two of us). I am the Studio Manager here at Rubio, and as you may have guessed, I manage things - really efficiently I may add!

I like treats a lot. I also like to play tennis, especially with my fiancé, Ryan, who is rather hot (but I'm not boasting). I have a thoroughbred German Shepherd named Indi, who I believe may rule the dog world one day. I also love giant pancakes smothered in Nutella. And did I mention treats?

Be well!


Nikki recently joined the Rubio team to take charge of one of our bigger clients, the South African Nursery Association's (SANA) marketing campaign, Life is a Garden.

She's super chilled about life, and nods and smiles at all our weird jokes. Nikki likes running, especially away from the cops (just jokes).


Micayla has been working for Rubio part-time for a few months now, and will be joining the Rubio team full-time from September (YAY).

Micayla is an all-rounder and will be giving technical assistance to our design and social media departments. She likes popcorn and selfies!


Hi, my name is Muhammad but everyone calls me MO, even though there is no "O" in my name whatsoever - but I'll let them have it. I am the Incredible Junior Graphic Designer with too many skills to mention - I am awesome like that yes.

Horror movies, Game of Thrones and sushi all day son! Tropical House is life. I've been told I look like a Māori / All black rugby player. I have a man bun.