Facebook’s nifty new privacy settings!

My Bloody Valentine

13 January 2015, Tuesday

Have a Facebook account?

Well then you will want to read this post about the new (and improved) privacy settings that have been put in place by the Facebook geeks.

We all sit on Facebook scrolling and reading things from ‘friends’ that we haven’t seen in years, that don’t interest us at all, or we get adverts popping up in our newsfeeds that don’t mean a thing to us. Let’s face it – it’s annoying, and just plain boring. But fear not… Facebook sees your frustration, and has done something about it all – yippee!

One of the lovely features that Facebook have implemented, is that they take your location info through features you use, such as checking in to various restaurants with certain friends. They then use this info to filter through potential places, or people you may be interested in seeing – i.e. when you next check-in somewhere, you may see menus of restaurants in the same area that might interest you, or show people that you know and where they have checked in.

Facebook has also teamed with various other social networks (such as Instagram and WhatsApp) to make life easier for you. This means that if you can’t remember your Instagram password or need to update your details on WhatsApp, you can automatically do both of these by using your Facebook details. Pretty cool huh? Slightly creepy too…but mostly cool! Facebook does guarantee that your information stays private and is not handed out to any old company offering them a cool buck for your deets.

Facebook also respects the fact that people don’t always want to see certain kinds of adverts (such as baby nappy products if you’re a male). Therefore, if you opt out of seeing certain adverts, it will take this same action on any and all mobile devices you own. You then only see what you want to see (such as shoe sales for the ladies), which makes using Facebook a much happier experience for one and all.

Read more about these new privacy settings from Facebook over here: http://on.fb.me/1uledmE.