get a road map for better customer communications

3 June 2015, Wednesday

Rubio can assist you to put together a marketing strategy for your business, give you an assessment of your current marketing exercises and where you can improve your brand communications.

To start with, we will spend time understanding your business and how you currently communicate with your customers. We do this with a facilitated marketing strategy session.

The marketing strategy session is a focused meeting which will get us ‘on the same page’ as everyone in your business and also allow you to do some thinking around the direction in which you’d like to take to grow your brand. It’s important that all decision-making parties from your side are present.

The 2 hour session is normally held in the Rubio boardroom, and run by a  facilitator so that we can get all the information that we need from you, without having to keep track of our agenda, time etc.

From this session, Rubio will develop a strategy and the associated costings, for the marketing of your business going forward, through channels that offer the least resistance and most return for you.

This will go alongside a 6 to 12 month campaign plan – where each element is outlined and time lined. Basically, by the time we are finished, your business will have a road map which you can follow from start to finish.