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18 March 2015, Wednesday

Social Media Management

Living in the busy age that we do, hardly anybody has time to sit and post on social media all day long. Rubio is an agency in Hillcrest, Durban, here to do the time-consuming work for you! We are your all-inclusive social media marketing company. This means that we will successfully manage all of your social media channels daily, weekly or monthly to ensure optimal visibility for your company in the social sphere.

Our social media management services include:

  • Creating and designing your social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram, for starters).
  • Posting to relevant social media site/s
  • Responding to any comments, questions or complaints on your social media site/s
  • Promotions (competitions, offers and new releases) on relevant social media site/s
  • Advertising planning, spend management, analysis and reporting
  • Social media analytics and reporting to give you an accurate breakdown of how many new likes/followers/customers you have, and an analysis on your stats to show you what has or has not been successful.

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Social Media Packages

Our social media packages are specifically designed to complement your brand’s social footprint. You can choose from a basic social media management package to get your business started socially, or get a more advanced package if you want to expand your business and reach more people. We can also create a personalised package to suit your business’ needs. Either way, we are going to start off with a chat to see what your business needs and what is achievable, affordable and makes sense in terms of your business goals.

Social media management packages and tailored solutions for your business needs

Social Media 1 (Plain Jane)

The first step to success is getting your brand out there. This basic package will get you going socially, at minimum cost to you.

Social Media 2 (Dolled Up)

Extend your reach to you target market by engaging more on social media and online. This is more than simply getting your feet wet!

Social Media 3 (Dressed to Kill)

Be a top player in the social media game by engaging in various platforms. Get set to win.

Description of all the features on our social media packages:

Campaign planning

Researching and strategising various promotions for your brand (competitions, giveaways etc) – which encourage new likes, followers, and general traffic to your website.


Well-written content that uses correct grammar, spelling and punctuation to effectively portray your brand and encourage engagement with your customers, as well as informing them holistically.


Planning and crafting every single post for all of your social channels, according to each of our campaign plans. This is the nuts and bolts – but well-planned equals well-executed which equals great results!

Graphic design

Computer rendering and editing of any images, quotes or photos for use in social media campaigns, posts etc.


This involves the physical action of writing on social media channels, done either daily, or through scheduling.


We will respond to all customer queries, concerns or complaints, as speedily as possible, and in a professional manner. Anything technical will be checked by yourself beforehand.

Reporting and analysis

A monthly report is compiled, with an accurate overview of how many new likes, followers, engagement etc, was achieved for your brand on social media. From this report, we are able to make informed decisions for your business going forward.

Social Media Add-Ons

Social channel setup and design

This involves setting up the social channel/s of your choice, by creating a page, designing the cover and profile pictures, so that it captivates and engages your audience and fits your brand.

Social advertising

We will create, design and manage adverts for you either on a per campaign or weekly/monthly basis, on the social channels of your choice.

Social media training

Basic training on how you can post/respond/interact with your customers if you choose to. We run a monthly course that covers the basics quite comprehensively – highly recommended for anyone who wants to use social media for their business. Read more here.

Database development

Finding new or adding existing e-mail/telephone contact details to a folder that becomes your ‘fan base’ for any info that your brand sends out.

Email newsletters

We create, design, write and send out a monthly newsletter on your behalf, informing your customers of any news, promotions and important info. A great addition to your marketing strategy!


A written, digital, diary which we write on your behalf either weekly or monthly, about anything that you would like to write about. This could be general information about your brand or a specific topic that you feel would be of benefit to your customers.

Search engine optimisation

Where do we begin on this complicated subject? Here.

Paid search advertising/Google Adwords management

This is Google’s version of online advertising. Here we will create and manage ads for your business that will be displayed on search networks. Your budget is variable and flexible.

Social Media Design

A huge part of your online presence, is how your company is represented visually. The way a social media page is designed, can make or break a person’s decision to do business with you! Less is more. Too much clutter on your page distracts people from what you really want them to see or read. This is why Rubio strives to plan and create design that is effective, eye-catching and relatable.

Our social media design services include:

  • Facebook page layout and design
  • Twitter page layout and design
  • Google+ page layout and design
  • LinkedIn page layout and design
  • YouTube channel layout and design